The secret to good security is to keep it a secret.



Whether you’re in the market for a forced entry resistant door, a bullet resistant door, a fire rated door or an all-in-one package, you've come to the right place. That's because a custom made high-security door or window from Shield Security offers the ultimate in discrete home security. We work with some of the top security consultants, architects, and contractors across the US and around the world to provide their clients with doors and windows that meet their security requirements and suit their lifestyle. Whether it's for the front of your home, your safe room, bedroom, or place of business, we can provide a tailor made solution that blends in with your existing design and architecture. It's military grade security - at your door.


One of our core beliefs is that the secret to good security is to keep it a secret. That's because security is much harder to defeat when you can't see it and don't know what you're up against. Our custom made high-security doors and windows can be designed to look like just about anything you need, including unique wood stains, 3D millings, and custom shaped glass. We'll ensure that the only person who knows you've got a high-security door is... you.